Email: is a digital attic related to my business as an independent software and RIA developer. Tcoz Tech Services is my "Doing Business As", and represents the business entity of Tim Consolazio (me). You'll find info on my latest projects, a list of services, general thoughts and blurbs on what I'm up to, and so on.

Please note that I only make my resume available in PDF format, and under no circumstances may it be altered or edited in any way.

Drop me a line at if you have need of a developer with a deep knowledge of technologies primarily related to delivery of media and information-focused applications on the web (though desktop is within my skill set as well).

Please note:

  • I don't discuss rates I'm charging clients.
  • My rate varies depending on specific responsibilities in a given project (straight dev, management, architecture, etc.), as well as the arrangement (full-time onsite, partial telecommute, full-time offsite).
  • My resume is available in PDF format, and may not be edited or altered in any way.
  • I don't offer discounted rates for W2.
  • I'm not a professional "data tier" guy, or a graphic designer/"Flash Designer". I'm an architect thinker that likes to code.
  • I'm in the NYC area, and can't relocate.
  • Advanced OOP skills in all programming environments.
  • ActionScript: AS3, RobotLegs, PureMVC, Mate, Flex framework, etc. Many, many years of experience. "Hero" sdk (mobile ActionScript-based apps).
  • PHP: ver. 5+, Zend framework. Several projects.
  • Java: Servlets/JSP, basic Hibernate, BlazeDS, OpenAMF, Objectify (GAE), etc. Java is my primary server-side language. Some Android dev using Java as well.
  • Python: General development skills, particularly on GAE. I use Python more every day. Knowledge of Paramiko, Crypto, PyAMF, BeautifulSoup, etc.
  • General Web: HTML/CSS/JS, some HTML5 (very little is standardized across browsers, but I keep my eye on it), AJAX, JQuery, etc. To me, this is all "utility".
  • Environments: Mac, Linux, Windows. Half way decent as a general admin; I can build out pretty much any box as a general web/application server, troubleshoot basic security and permissions, etc.
  • Data: various databases and data stores, e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, GAE Datastore, etc. I'm not a DBA at all, but I do know my way around general DB work.
  • Cloud: work frequently with EC2 and Google App Engine.
  • Documentation: Wireframes, general class and data modeling, primarily use OmniGraffle these days.
  • Management: experience managing small, agile teams through project milestones, project plan creation and tracking, etc. SVN, Mantis, Bugzilla, Campfire, Active Collab, etc.

Sharpie Interactive Mosaic (not on resume yet)

Sharpie (as in the magic markers and pens) wanted to have user-submitted art generated into interactive mosaics based on selected large images. Sharpie website visitors can view the mosaics, select individual mosaic tiles, see info on the user that created it, search for given users within the overall mosaic by username, tags associated with the individual tiles, etc. The application represents a large presence on the Sharpie websites, and as of this writing (by the time you read this it may already be) marketed aggressively on YouTube and other large web presence resources.

Edit: This app set some records, read more about it.

I created two elements for this project:

  • Server-side application process, written in Python and using various other C packages, that continuously updates the overall library of user-submitted art,regenerates the mosaics based on that updated library, and securely transmits the updated mosaics and related info required by the front end UI to Sharpie web properties for caching and retrieval.
  • A Google Application Engine AMF data service, written in Java, that receives from the automated process, a continuously updated index of all info objects that describe mosaic tiles, and makes them available to the client side for searching and retrieval. This was a considerably higher performance solution than the originally proposed JSON architecture (which I rejected as unfeasible for the anticipated load).

As usual, my ActionScript, Flash and Flex skills were used by the front-end script and design team to ensure best practice development of the Sharpie client-side UI.

YouTube Town Hall

YouTube wanted to throw their large hat into the "Rock the Vote" ring, with an application that displays US politician's "talking head" videos on a variety of subjects. Users would have the ability to vote on the videos in a pseudo "March Madness" format. The application received hundreds of thousands of hits almost immediately; interest amongst media and political agencies was strong across the Internet. YouTube is looking at having versions built for other countries.

I'm currently in talks to manage and execute the server-side and tools dev for international versions of this product on behalf of YouTube.

I created two elements for this projects:

  • Server-side: Using the GAE and Java, I created a series of services and related supporting classes that enabled high-performance storage and retrieval of various elements of data from the Google Datastore (extensive use of Objectify). Performance was key; this app got hit HARD.
  • Administrative Tools: Using Flex, creation of a user-friendly administrative interface that allowed YouTube admins to post and edit data related to displayed videos, the list of politicians in the system, how they were related, and so on. This was necessary, as non-technical staff was generally responsible for ongoing updates and management of politician, topic, and video data.

My ActionScript and Flash skills were used by the script and design time to ensure best practices and so on.

>> Various other projects, and a client list, are detailed in my resume. <<