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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flash Builder BUG: Services failing, SWF trying to load crossdomain.xml from localhost:37813?

Oh man this one cost me some time.

I have a swf loading data from some services at IP yadayada. It's working fine, both from the FB IDE, and when I copy the bits to the remote server, pull up a browser, and hit the remote IP.

Then I try it from another machine, same browser, same FP version, same IP address. I see this gobbledy gook:

Warning: Failed to load policy file from http://localhost:37813/crossdomain.xml
*** Security Sandbox Violation ***
Connection to http://localhost:37813/?q=services/amfphp?hostport=[ipommitted]&https=N&id=-1 halted - not permitted from [myswf]

WTF, why, why, why is that request trying to load the crossdomain file from localhost:37813, screwing up everything on all but my dev machine? Yes, I know dev machines aren't the acid test, but I'm not running the project from the IDE, or even the browser the IDE uses, I'm pulling up an "off to the side" browser and hitting the remote address, exactly as I am on any other computer.

I went through all the security settings, found posts directing me time and again to the new meta policy and socket policy documents and white papers: I've read them all, several times in the past, I'm good with Flash security, I KNEW I was doing all this correctly.

So, I abandoned Flash security, assuming I had everything correct. Where else had I seen URLS redirected to localhost:port?

HTTP Sniffers, like Fiddler. They intercept HTTP traffic, channel it to a local port, trace the data, and forward the request along.

Was I running one? No...oh wait, yes.



So, if you compile your swf with the network monitor active, which you may not realize is the case, you have just told your swf to redirect all traffic to localhost:37813. So you'll deploy it, and guess what? Because no other machine is running the FB network monitor, the calls will fail. GAH.

Turn network monitor off. Recompile your swf. Redeploy. Voila.

GAH. What a pain. Anyway, if you have this problem, hopefully this saves you from the frustrated grumbling and cursing I spent a few hours going through.

As always, thanks for visiting.


At February 8, 2010 2:57 AM , Blogger Святосвет said...

Thank you! Very useful!


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